Since we started our Pudding Nights back in 2015, they have become hugely popular and we often get booked up well in advance.  But why is the pudding so popular and where do they come from?  Of course who could resist our chef’s delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding (on the menu at our April pudding night) or a heavenly chocolate fudge pudding with lashings of creamy custard?  It’s like a little treat in a dish, something well-earned yet extremely tasty and tempting.

sticky toffee pudding

Believe it or not, when we started looking into it, the world of Puddings is a complex one!  If you were talking to someone from another country it could get complicated – how do you tell people the difference between a steamed or sponge pudding, a Yorkshire pudding or a cheesecake – which in England we’d probably still class as a pudding (or dessert).  In fact, a true pudding is something like a Christmas pudding, suet pudding and sponge pudding; anything boiled or steamed in a basin.  Even things like black pudding, steak & kidney pudding and haggis are classed as puddings.

Then there are puddings that are not ‘proper’ puddings like Eve’s Pudding, bread and butter pudding, sticky toffee pudding.  The mind boggles!

It does appear that the Pudding is indeed a British invention though and was developed from the sausages the Romans brought into the country in the first century BC.  Later, in the times of Elizabeth I, there was no set courses either and everything used to be brought out to the table at the same time in one big banquet.  It is as time has moved on, new sweet and savoury recipes have been developed and the word Pudding now can mean a whole variety of dishes served as a third course.

One thing we do know for sure is that people love the humble pudding and there is no doubt it will remain a firm favourite here at Stoneybeck Inn!