Cuts of Steak at The Steakhouse at the Stoneybeck Inn, Penrith

Have you ever been to a restaurant, or been to the supermarket and felt a tad confused about the range of steaks out there?  Which one will taste the best? Which is the best cut? Why are some more expensive than others?  Do you know your Flat Iron from your Rib-eye or your Tenderloin from your Sirloin?

With the launch of The Steakhouse at Stoneybeck Inn, Penrith, we thought it might be an idea to give you a bit of a guide to the steaks we have available for when you visit us…

Tomahawk steak – This is the Daddy of all steaks and is a ‘sharing’ steak at The Steakhouse at Stoneybeck Inn.  It gets its name from allegedly resembling the Tomahawk axe.  The steak is an on the bone rib steak, which is French-trimmed and certainly a show-stopper.  Can you take on this beast?

Rump steak – This type of steak often pops up on the menu and is a very popular cut.  It is taken from the lower back of the cow, is usually quite large and is often considered to have more flavour than other cuts.

Fillet steak – This a more expensive cut of steak as it is very lean and tender.  The fillet comes from inside the sirloin. This muscle does no work at all, so it’s very tender and has no fat – but on the downside, it doesn’t have as much flavour as some of the other cuts.

Flat Iron steak – This is a slightly lighter steak.  It is tender with a milder beef flavour and often smaller or a good value alternative to a Sirloin.  Best served rare to medium rare.

Sirloin steak – The good old Sirloin is a very popular cut of steak and comes from the upper middle of the cow.  It is the part of the cow that doesn’t really do that much making it very tender and lean.  Always a popular choice in the restaurant!

Other cuts of steaks…

The Steakhouse, Stoneybeck Inn, Penrith,

T-Bone steak – This is a huge steak named after its ‘T’ shaped bone.  It is sirloin on one side of the bone and fillet on the other, so if you can’t decide between a sirloin or a fillet steak then this could be a good choice for you.

Ribeye steak – As the name suggests the Rib eye steak comes from the cow’s rib and has a fantastic rich flavour.  The rib eye is generally a very tender steak as it has pockets of fat running through it.  It might not be very kind on your waistline, but gosh it tastes good!

Minute steak – this is the economical steak, thinly sliced and fried.  The ideal steak for a sandwich.  It can be a bit tough, but it makes a cheap tea.

Onglet steak – This type of steak is not as common as others and some of you may not have heard of it.  The Onglet steak is found close to the liver and kidneys, so the meat has a slight offal taste, which not everyone likes, though popular in France.

Bavette steak – Another popular French steak is the Bavette making a bit more of an appearance in the UK.  It is a cheap cut of steak and can sometimes be a little chewy but it’s packed with flavour!

Picanha steak – This cut of steak is popular in South America and is another cut that has started creeping on to British menus.  It is a succulent and often tender cut from the rump.  Great cooked on a barbeque!

Chateaubriand – a mighty steak cut from the tenderloin filet.  Another expensive option often served for two.

Gosh, that was a whistle-stop tour of the world of steak…and it is not even an extensive list of all the different types on offer.  We hope you will join us at The Steakhouse at Stoneybeck Inn very soon to sample some of our steaks and do let us know which one you prefer!